Sankalp Farms

Village : Tadwadi

Town : Karjat

District : Raigad

State : Maharashtra


Contact : +91 988XX

Email : contactus@ecogreens.in

About Us

We are a family run farm with over 40 years of efforts put towards developing a green infrastructure within a rural ecosystem. We believe in green conservation and promote rural employment via our own small ways. We are firm believers in sustainable eco friendly practices. Our objective with the Ecogreens initiative is to bring you closer and in harmony with nature. We are not a conventional resort nor aspire to be one, we differentiate ourselves with simple sustainable ecofriendly practices. If you are looking for a day break or a weekend break or more and tired of the routine conventional holidays - Ecogreens is the place for you. Its also an opportunity to contribute back to nature in small ways and experience a farm stay opportunity. There are plenty of activities we can suggest, however please do provide us with your suggestions to make this a better place.

We invite to be part of a unique experience to blend with nature, relax and recharge your batteries. Discover the various mysterious of nature and be a part of it. Our farm is located in the remote Sahyadri hills between Matheran on one side and the rugged Bhimashankar Sahyadri ranges on the other side. The charm of our place lies in its simplicity and unpolluted environments - there are no industries or industrial pollution in and around our place. Its a remote and secluded place surrounded by nature but still a short drive from Mumbai/ Pune. Its ideal getaway from the busy city life. We guarantee fresh air!!

Via the Ecogreens initiative we are looking to create awareness of the rural way of living and a sustainable eco tourism network. Apart from a relaxing holiday it also gives you an opportunity to blend with nature and contribute in your own way back to it. We have various organic cultivation and life stock within the farm and we keep experimenting - we believe in enjoying the journey. We take pride in creating this natural abode and want you to be a part of it. Over the years we have also used this as a mechanism to promote rural employment.