Sankalp Farms

Village : Tadwadi

Town : Karjat

District : Raigad

State : Maharashtra


Contact : +91 988XX

Email : contactus@ecogreens.in

Activities at Ecogreens

Ecogreens is created with the sole purpose of bringing you closer to nature. You can be of any age but if you are a nature lover and want to get away from the busy life - this is a place for you.  There are a variety of activities that we can recommend, but you are always free to pursue your interests. Please discuss with us in advance so that we can make your trip as much fun as possible :-

1) Planting and Gardening activities - The importance of planting trees and managing the ecosystem cannot be overlooked if we want to leave our future generations a clean inhabitable planet. There are no two choices in this matter. At Ecogreens we take pride in creating a green environment - all the green development at our farm is 40 years of dedication towards starting a green revolution. You can come visit and make yourself a part of this initiative and contribute towards nature. All you need to bring with you is an open mind, rest we will organize for you. We have a small nursery at our site and you can contribute to the nature in your small way. 

2) Farm Animal interactions - This is what the kids really enjoy the most, we have several animals in Ecogreens - from buffaloes, hens, goats, dogs, ducks, rabbits, fishes, turtles and many many other fauna living in harmony with nature. Off course there are many other wilder options in the jungles around our place if you are adventurous. But remember its really their habitat and we are the visitors, so please be kind to the animals.

3) Jungle Tours / Trekking and Camping - Ecogreens is located amongst the lush and rugged Sahyadri ranges, there are plenty of jungle trails and camping, trekking options all around our location. Whether you are an amateur or a professional trekker - there are plenty of options here. Our is the most preferred base camp for a trek to the enigmatic Bhimashankar. Trekkers use our place as a base camp for a Bhimashankar treks, we can also arrange for guides if needed. Treks can be arranged for Peth and Malshej Ghat ranges also. River Treks and camping are also a common activity especially during and after monsoon. Please check this page for trekking options and places of interest

4) Tractor rides/ bullock cart rides - We also do fun activities for children(of all ages) including bullock cart and tractor offroad rides. Please discuss with us your needs and these can be planned in advance. Please note this also brings some very nominal revenue back to the tribal villages and the farmers. One of the key endeavors of Ecogreens has been to create avenues of rural employment.

5) Corporate events/ Team Building/ Family parties - If you are bored of the usual routines, we can suggest a very different way to approach these activities. Ecogreens provides you a very different and in sync with nature approach towards your get together of whatever types whether corporate or family. Team Building offsite events at Ecogreens is highly recommended and we have had some very successful events. School picnics/ Scouts/Guides camping are also welcome at our site, please ask us for special discounts - we like to encourage and create an awareness about nature amongst the kids at a very young age.

6) Farming Activities - For the enthusiast who doesnt get an opportunity at farming normally with the city life, we have opportunities at the right season where u can participate in variety of farming activities including rice sowing, tranplantations, plowing , gardening, vegetable sowing, fruit plucking etc. Please note however these are seasonal in nature. We have a variety of organic produce including turmeric, rice, vegetables, corn, sugar cane, fruits at our farm - the organic produce is very popular amongst our friends, relatives and regular Ecogreens patrons.

7) Adivasi folk dance - Over the years this has become one of the most popular attractions at our place. We organise Adivasi folk dance at our places and no matter if you can shake a leg or not this is always a fun activity and brings out the kid in you. Children and Adults enjoy this equally. 

We also organize Adivasi village tours and its a great opportunity to learn their way of life and culture. Even children enjoy this experience.We also encourage you to bring your old undamaged clothes or any other items of use and do your own grass root charity. We are told this has been one of the most touching and gratifying experiences. Its important however to note our cultures and social practices are different - mutual respect is essential.

8) Night Camp fire - A visit to Ecogreens is incomplete without the customary camp fire for the over night campers. You can have a plethora of social events around the camp fire and relax in a completely unpolluted atmosphere.

9) Star Gazing - As we are away from the concrete jungle, our place is also a great site for star gazing. We have our own telescope which can be used or you are free to bring your own. Enjoy the magical nights and the clear unpolluted skies.

10) Botanical Tours : Flora and Fauna - Our place and the jungles around are also very popular with the botanical students and researchers, many kinds of flora and fauna are available in untouched areas of outstanding natural beauty. Bird Watching is also an activity the nature lovers enjoy.

11) Sports : You are welcome to play nearly any sport at our place. We have some badminton rackets, frisbee, carrom and cricket bat and ball etc. Feel free to use them and enjoy your time.

The above is just an indicative list and yes doing nothing and just relaxing in a hammock is also an option :) - the possibilities are endless really if you are a nature lover. Some of the activities above have to be prearranged - so please discuss with us per your interest. Our only request to our patrons is no matter how you like to enjoy is please blend with the nature with an open mind - Do understand that even the insects have a purpose in the ecosystem and you are really the visitor here not them. So please be kind to nature.