Sankalp Farms

Village : Tadwadi

Town : Karjat

District : Raigad

State : Maharashtra


Contact : +91 988XX

Email : contactus@ecogreens.in

1) We are large group(20 members) and looking to book a farm house for a family get together, can you help ?

For large groups (8-10+) - We can arrange for a fixed menu of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Alternatively if you prefer self catering we can discuss that option too. We have a fully furnished kitchen. Our farm house is used for Birthday parties and family get togethers and its a unique way of conducting your own parties. We also get school trip bookings, educational tours etc.

2) How far is your villa/farm house from Karjat, what are the travel options ?

Our farm is about 25 kms from Karjat station- approximately a 45 min drive.  From Neral station its approximately 17kms. There are limited number of buses to Khandas which can drop you till Tadwadi Phata. Alternatively there are regular rickshaws(minidors) plying from these stations. Best option is to self drive. Over 95% of the approach roads(from mumbai/pune) to our location are national/state highways, the last 1-2 km is however unpaved village road and like a mini safari. Road conditions vary seasonally.

We are also happy to arrange pick up and drop off for you from a place of your convenience, please discuss with us. Please click here for our location.

 2) Can you make travel arrangements , I need transport to and from Mumbai?

Yes, please discuss with us your travel needs in advance and we can arrange a pick up and drop off from most places in and around Mumbai/Pune. To help enhance our visitors experience we prefer to discuss and understand your needs and suggest a tailored package thereafter best suiting your needs. We will do our best to make this a very different and unique experience for you. If you are travelling by train, Neral is the nearest station and we can arrange a local cab for pick up and drop off.

3) We are looking to do hiking and trekking, can you arrange for a guide ?

Yes, depending on the group size we can arrange for a guide to take you through some of the most scenic jungle trails. If you are more adventurous, there are several hiking/ trekking areas nearby which are listed here. We also arrange for guides to Bhimashankar treks - this is one of the most popular treks from our farm and many groups use our farm as a base camp.

4) We are family of 3 adults and 2 children, what food arrangements do you have on site ?

We are only taking group bookings at the moment, hence request a minimum booking of 8 people. We arrange to serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner based on your stay timings. Veg/ Non Veg Food will be made available as per a fixed menu, however if you have any special needs please discuss with us in advance. We suggest you come for a weekend getaway at a minimum. There are day trips possible too however we recommend a weekend stay for you to get the most out of it. Please do note though we are not a resort or a hotel but a typical rustic farm house.

5)  We are looking to experience the Farm life and I would like to let my kids experience first hand life in a village, can you help ?

You are most welcome to do this - this is one of our key objectives, within our farm we have several plantations like mango, teak, eucalyptus, cashew, jack-fruit, bamboo, rice fields etc to name a few. Our visitors enjoy participating in gardening and planting activities and we also have a small nursery within our farm.  We can arrange for your family to have plenty of such experiences. Our villa is based in a scenic location surrounded by forests and villages nearby. We also arrange village tours for you to experience the village life.

6) I am bird watcher and looking for a peaceful weekend getaway, which places can u suggest ?

Simply look no further, from our villa itself you can watch dozens of different varieties of birds including bharadwaj, eagles, kingfisher, parakeets etc. You would be pleasantly surprised to see range of flora and fauna around our farm and in general in the jungles nearby. Peacocks are also very common in the nearby forests.

7) What arrangements do you have at your villa ?

Ours is large 5 bedroom furnished villa with all necessary amenities in place. We have an equipped kitchen, fridge, hot water facility, furnished bedrooms with attached western toilets and a common TV with satellite dish connection. There are open terraces available for use within the house and some of the rooms have attached balconies too. The farm is large with plenty of parking spaces. 

 8) What kind of food arrangements are available ?

We have a furnished kitchen and can arrange for Veg/Non Veg food on a fixed menu basis. Please do note Ecogreens is a self service facility and we do not provide room service.
Alternatively if you book the entire villa you can also use the furnished kitchen on a self 
catering basis.  

 9) Do you have a spa and gymnasium on site?

No we do not!! Our place is for those who are looking to experience the outdoors and be closer to nature. Spa's and Gymnasium are common facilities in the cities and you do not really need to be travelling to a farm for it. Our place is best suited for those who like the outdoors and wish to explore nature in abundance. You are most welcome to jog in the outdoors and there are plenty of trails.

10) Can you arrange for a car for local sight seeing in and around your farm ?

Yes  this can be prearranged, also we are  happy to recommend several  places (which  probably a google search will not return ) to make your visit memorable.

11) How can i pay ?

We accept cash and also online bank transfers while booking. Please call us on +91 9881248858 for more details.

12) Are their wild animals in the jungle nearby ?

Yes, there are animals in the jungle nearby and also snakes and insects too. However none of them pose a risk to us and as long as we dont interfere with them , they dont as well. Please do remember that this is indeed their habitat and we are the visitors. Animals are generally much deeper in the jungle and avoid areas closer to humans.

13) We are large trekking group and wish to trek the Sahyadris starting with Bhimashankar, can you help us ?

You are more than welcome, we genuinely appreciate the interest shown by trekkers and hikers and one of objectives is to encourage such activities, Please contact us, we would also be keen to help you plan your itinerary. For large groups please talk to us about discounts.

14) Do you have electricity at Ecogreens ?

Yes we do have MSEB connection, however as is expected in remote/rural areas there is load shedding as well. All rooms in our house have a light and fan on inverter + we have full generator back up as well which we use more for emergencies. We encourage visitors to follow "green" practices and help us conserve energy.

14) What should we bring in with us while visiting Ecogreens ?

We recommend an open mind to start with(a sense of adventure is very welcome along side it) , its important to note that we are not a resort nor a hotel, while all essentials are available at our site and we are furnished to a decent standard, we might not have an odd item that you might require, please discuss with us if you have any specific needs for your group in advance of your travel. Our intention is to keep things simple and sustainable and we endeavor to treat you as part of our family.